Frequently asked questions


Six Feet Saves is a sweatshirt hoodie campaign to help raise awareness of the importance of physical distancing when you are out in our community.

I am local. What are my pick-up and delivery options?

DELIVERY: Delivery is available in the County of Santa Cruz. Your hoodie will arrive on your doorstep or inside your fence in a eco-friendly paper shopping bag wrapped with minimal human contact during packaging. If you have special instructions, note them during checkout. Delivery days are Tuesday and Wednesday to limit travel. PICK-UP: You can pick-up your order on Tuesday morning if preffered near the Santa Cruz Harbor. Simply put a note on check-out and we will arrange a Pick-Up. During the pick up process, you can feel safe coming to pick up you hoodie with the following safety measures: - Gloves and masks worn by us - All hoodies packaged in a sanitized environment, touched with clean gloves, placed into a clean paper handled bag and placed into a plastic storage tote - If you would like to stay in your car, no problem--just text when you pull up and we'll place it in your trunk. We want you to feel safe!

I want to wear a hoodie but can't afford one right now. What are some options to get one?

That's awesome you would like to support the cause and show you are keeping the 6 foot distance--thank you! We accept trades, barters and volunteer time for apparel. Please contact us via email to set something up.

Where does the money go?

The money from the hoodies goes directly into purchasing the materials and utilizing professional LOCAL printer services. SIX FEET SAVES wants to use local business who relies on the community to continue to shop local even in times of recession. By avoiding ordering online, the money stays locally. Any profits from sales go to support artists who are affected by COVID-19 and Shelter in Place orders. We follow local artists and musicians doing Virtual Zoom concerts, lectures and performance art and give all proceeds into their tip jars. All money made on hoodie sales are going to artists doing their craft virtually.

I want to be more involved. How can I donate to the movement?

This movement needs support. We all are doing our part in our community and it's important for strangers within communities to feel connected when we go out for fresh air. Since socialization has changed, feeling soliditaruty with your neighbors is more important than ever. SIX FEET SAVES is accepting donations either as an add-on to your order here or an amount of your choice here. The goal is to fund the next round of the project which is t-shirts with custom imprints. By using local printers, it ensure quality and also comes with an art set up cost for each design. Funding is being sought for the t-shirt portion of the movement. To find out more, visit our "Future Projects" page.

Why aren't there more color options?

The idea behind wearing the same color hoodie is that we are all united in doing our part to help flatten the curve in our community. If you see someone walking across the street with the same color SIX FEET SAVES hoodie, wave! You know they are also respecting the 6 foot space between others and are a vital part of fighting the spread. By having all blue hoodies, you should be able to spot your fellow Sixers and feel supported.

I want a large custom order for a group - can you make custom designs?

Yes! Absolutely. The more communities that get involved in doing their part to flatten the curve the better. There are several designs in the works for other locations. There are also custom designs for your particular group such as the local YMCA, church group, sports team, etc. We can accomodate most group requests and have something for you to wear in two weeks! Please get in touch through email at hello@sixfeetsaves.com.

Aren't we supposed to be Staying at Home? Where would I wear this?

YES! Stay Home is crucial for us to flatten the curve. Some of us are going out to go grocery shopping or picking up medications. Others are going to check on at-risk family members or to deliver necessities. Most of us are walking the neighborhood for excercise and fresh air. Many are returning to work and are required to be in person for their job. By wearing your hoodie when you are out in the community you are showing others you will be keeping your 6 foot distance and gently reminding them to do the same.

Who made them and where were they printed?

As a local Graphic Designer, Ali Robinson, made the design while Working from Home in Seabright and worked with Bro Prints downtown to print on very comfortable, lightweight hoodies. All local and sustainable usuing 80% eco-cotton.