SIX FEET SAVES was created out of a need to feel unity in our neighborhood. During the ever-evolving Coronavirus pandemic each day brought new restrictions and changes. Local, State and National Government were asking us to do our part to help stop the spread of the virus.

During daily walks around the same four blocks, people were looking at each other to connect but unsure of how to acknowledge one another. Some were eager to follow what was being asked, stepping aside on streets and giving a safe 6 foot distance. Others were not. Everyone's level of commitment seemed different. Wasn't there a way to communicate to others that you wanted to participate in the 6 foot space while not shaming someone else for not? 


Over a short period of time, starting to see more people slowly change their behavior, the need to wave or tip a hat to those helping became apparent. The SIX FEET SAVES color and design was born. Wear something to show others you are going to do your part and that they are not alone. Collective neighbors doing their part will encourage others to do the same.


Neighbors protecting and supporting neighbors is what will flatten the curve.

The SIX FEET SAVES design and campaign was created by Graphic Designer and Santa Cruz local, Alie Mac with YacketyMac design.

Santa Cruz has the lowest rates of spread in California for as long as their first case was reported. The local governments acted quickly and the community is doing their part. This is something to be proud of. Santa Cruz, along with many counties all over the country are demonstrating through numbers that individuals are doing their part.